Saturday, February 23, 2013

Travel Medicine

I think it's a good thing to share some tips that I gain. I travel a lot. Like a lot! And all this tips I learnt from my own experiences :) Hope it brings at least a benefit for you guys as well

My first tips will be related to the health. Yes, I'm very concern when it comes to health especially when I travel. I always want to make sure that I travel in a good condition. So here some of the things that always in my so called "Healthy Bag".

1. Panadol Actifast
It's a must!! Very helpful bila demam, migraine and pening2..

2. Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun

Pil ni sekarang da glamour sangat..Sangat mudah untuk didapati defat mana2 kedai..Usually I will bring like a box!! Very helpful untuk membantu perut yang tai than masakan or makanan yang pelik-pelik hat liar sans tu.. Sesetengah orang maybe tai than dengan bay and quantity oil ni.. But rather than going to toilet a lot of time, I rather telan je pil ni.

3. Panadol Menstrual

For all the girls of course!!  I know it may not working for some of the girls..tapi bila dah sakit and dah desperate kat luar sana, this pill you will want the most!

 4. Strepsils

You know already what is it for but for me, it's more on mencegah tanda2 awal demam :)

5. Ubat Gastrik

I have gastric. Ubat ni dapat daripada klinik tempatan. All you have to do just hisap je sampai habis before makan. It will somehow neutralize your stomach.

6. Cool Fever

This is also helpful bila demam. Pakai je waktu malam, then the fever bole lagi cep at kebab.

7. Panaflex

This one is for my back actually. Coz my work mostly related to physically. So sometimes I do have problem with my back.

8. ENO

 ENO can help you release some gases inside your stomach. I like this thing especially the ginger one eventhough the taste is not that good. 

9. Mask

I always bring masks. Mask ni untuk mengekalkan kelembapan di muka. Pakai je sambil surfing internet ke. Senang kan?

10. Plasters 

In case anything happen, you have your own plasters. Better cari yang water resistent.

11. URAL

I have some problem with my digesting system :( So I need this to neutralize my kidney

 12. Hydroxycut

This thing give extra energy to you. You will be like a hamster the whole day. Can get it from GNC :) Just bancuh and minum. Rasa macam juice je

13. Fusidic Acid

Ini untuk melegakan bisul :P

14. Ubat selesema

I like the one from pharmacy. Sangat2 berkesan!

Finally, put it all together in one small bag. And you can bring it everywhere at anytime.

I hope the tips will help you keep healthy during your travel!!! :) :)

-Puan Sawang-

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