Thursday, January 03, 2013

How to know Malaysia

Hi There....

I'm proud to be Malaysian..

The good is:

Food!!!!! But not the food itself...

Food.. I'm not talking about  normal restaurant.. or hotel2.. I'm talking about stalls baby..yup2... Stall foods.... Yummy..

See... even you already had your dinner at home... but when you come to this place.. for sure you will eat again.. even for a bit.. Thats malaysian culture.. we sit.. and eat..and talk.. and eat again.. and talk.. and eat again.. hahahaha.. sometime we can have this routine almost everyday...

Its not only because of the food.. But the feel.. the smell of air.. the crowd.. the smile from somebody you didnt know.. The culture... Can you imagine.. some of Malaysian abroad.. crying to come back to Malaysia because all of this... One of their reasons is this.. This is Malaysia.. You will understand Malaysian from their food.. and their food culture...

Proud to be Malaysian..

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  1. uurghhh..da terliur tgk gamba2 mknn tuuuu


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